As 2016 comes to a close and your organization is preparing its marketing/brand/communications budget for 2017, it’s of course a great idea to know where the trends are going with regard to these areas in the first place.

With this in mind, we scoured the internet and read dozens of articles from luminaries in the marketing world. We’ve come up with the top 10 trends that are consistently communicated as being vastly important to remember in 2017. Some of the following are no brainers, some offer reaffirmations and others still may trigger a lightbulb moment. So, without further ado, here are the top 10 marketing for 2017:

1. Videos, live events and streaming

By far, this is the one trend that kept popping up in conversations about where the most effective marketing dollars will be spent in 2017. And why not? Text takes time to read, we are inundated with text every day (think of your company email account) and sometimes it feels great to simply sit back and feed the right side of your brain with intriguing narratives and visuals. Live events are also projected to set huge attendance records. Because of this, smart companies will all try to get more live events into their mix of content types. And if you really want to go down the rabbit hole, starting versing yourself on the trends of AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality) and IoT (the Internet of Things).

2. Being more “human” with your marketing messages

More than ever we will need to be “human” in our marketing, as our audience wants to know the people behind the brand. With an ever increasing amount of information that people are being exposed to, you will start to see people gravitating more and more to aspirational messages. This means that you have to be authentic in your messaging, and this means having an organization that exudes not only authenticity, but striving to represent the very best of human nature in all company business dealings. After all, people project the best parts of themselves onto individuals and organizations that best represent their aspirational selves. If businesses, and their marketing messages, can authentically represent this, their marketing will be far more effective at getting, and staying known.

3. K.I.S.E.S.

Keep it Simple and Engaging, Silly! In keeping with point #2, people are inundated with information. If something is not easy and engaging to read within the first millisecond, people will click away. Think of most of your audience as having ADD with regard to advertisements. If you’re not more deeply intriguing (quality over quantity), you’re going to get skipped.

4. Social media continues to grow in relevance

Social media will continue to grow in marketing relevance. Why? Simple. It creates a multi-way interaction. This is a fancy way for saying “engagement”. Marketing in the near past was a one-way street – you being communicated at rather that with. Remember points 2 and 3 above with your social media content, and you’ll be far more effective in your activities. Also, paid social will be accepted as a necessary part of any social media strategy. Luckily, social media metrics will become increasingly targeted and measurable as to their effectiveness, and measurability is key when justifying marketing budgets for social media in the first place.

5. Buying vs. building an audience

In keeping with the point made in #4, communicating at your audience (buying it) rather than interacting with it (building it), is a key question to keep in mind when conducting your marketing activities. Are you generating great conversations? Are you complementing your audience’s intelligence rather than insulting it?

6. Sensationalist headings become a thing of the past (finally!)

From our perspective, this could not come a moment too soon. The old adage, ‘fool me once (with that sensationalist headline), shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me’ definitely comes into play here. Headlines like ”You won’t believe this,” or “Shocking truth revealed” are soon a thing of the past. Hallelujah!

7. Personalization in product design, communications

This is nothing new, yet continues to be a trend.

8. Mobile communications are becoming the center of marketing

The same can be said for mobile communications. These mini super computers we carry around in our pockets are the de facto communication mediums most people use to interact with content. Whatever your opinions as to their totally hypnotic nature, mobile communications are here to stay, and they’re getting increasingly effective, and complex.

9. More accurate metrics will continue to emerge

Also a no-brainer. The simple reality is that every click a person makes is being recorded, which allows for more targeted marketing to people with the interests you’re trying to reach.

10. Digital silos vs. integrated teams

Beware the organizational silo. Knowledge is meant to be shared, not pent up and doled out. Marketing activities will increasingly move from digital silos to integrated teams for maximum knowledge sharing.

The above 10 trends are of course subject for debate, but they are a consistently popping up on conversations around the internet. Use these suggestions to your benefit and be the expert in your field in 2017 and beyond! Of course, if you have any additions to make to the above, by all means leave your remarks in the comments section below.