Get Found Easily, More Effectively With These Tips

By Matt Classen

In last week’s article we talked about how to create highly compelling video content. At the end of that article, we said that this week’s article would talk about how to help people find your video content online. In other words, google searchhow do you make your Google search listings more effective so that your video content is found? Luckily, we can also apply this knowledge to general search as well.

As you may or may not know, the first target for every beginner in the digital marketing industry is to get maximum click-throughs on search listings. If you are also one of those beginners, then we’re going to share some proven tips which can help you achieve that.

Without wasting any time, let us head straight to those tips –

Get your meta description right

One smart way to make your Google search listings more effective is to write a good meta-description. This is not rocket science, yet many people fail to do so. Having a keyword rich meta-description is simply not enough to get ranked. You need to master the art of writing an effective one. Here are some pointers that will help –

  • Get the best out of those 160 characters that you have got for meta-description
  • Include a call to action
  • Add actionable content like “Get to know”, “Don’t miss out”, and similar others
  • Ask questions to get user engagement
  • Tempt them to read more using phrases like ‘want to know what happens next’
  • Don’t forget to use the keywords

Make the most of your title tags

Another smart way to make your Google search listings more effective is to create a compelling page title. Did you know that Google changed the pixel limit for page titles to 512px back in 2014? This reduced the title tag width to a significant extent. But, it was expanded to 600px in May this year, which came as a pleasant surprise for everyone involved in the search engine optimization industry.

This 17% increase in the width of title tag meant a better opportunity to add high-priority keywords in the given space. To get a better idea about how to visualize these new limits from Google, you can try out this tool – Google SERP Preview.

Include rich snippets

Creating rich snippets from Google have been one of the best things to have happened to SEO people in the recent past. These rich snippets are available for a lot of options. Some of the major ones include –

  • Events
  • Business locations
  • Recipes
  • And, many more

You can use these snippets to stack lot information at display, which can be a really powerful way to make the most of your search engine listings.

Never settle, keep testing without compromising on the basics

One final smart way to make your Google search listings more effective is to always keep evolving. We all know that Google keeps on coming up with updates from time to time. To make sure that your pages don’t get affected by those changes, you need to stick to the basics, with a keen eye on trying out something new every time.

Remember, even a compelling and unique page title and Description can help your page go a long way in the search results. So, don’t forget the basics!


So, these were some really simple and easy to implement tips that can help anyone make their search engine listings better and more effective than ever. If you also want to get the results, then stop thinking and start doing! And, be sure to see the results in not so distant future.