Marketing Message Create Deep Impressions With Your

By Matt Classen

Creating an effective marketing message that sticks in people’s minds is elusive. That said, getting one right can be a beautiful form of art! It can also be a science. Get the proper blend of both and you’re message will be far more powerful (and effective). But what exactly should you keep in mind in creating the blend of both the artistic and marketing messagethe scientific? We would suggest combining the following elements as much as possible:

Marketing Message #1: Be concrete with the intended outcome

First things first: What do you want to achieve with your marketing message. Come up with a simple list. Use descriptive adjectives if possible. This will set the compass properly.

Marketing Message #2: Be authentic

We are inundated with shallow marketing messages every single day. A very predictable consumer response to this is to tune messages out. People will start to tune in when you present a message that is authentic. And what is “authentic”? This is simply where you speak deeper, more humanistic truths. In a world of shallow messaging, people will be starved for depth. Provide this nourishment and you’ll automatically become far more interesting in your marketing message, and far more credible.

Marketing Message #3: Keep things simple

This mantra is as true now as it ever was. Enough said.

Marketing Message #4: Integrate the edgy

A little bit of edge never hurt nobody! Too many marketing messages try to keep things safe. This also translates to boring. In a sea of boring and conventional, look for ways to add a little bit of edge to your marketing message. Of course, how much edge will have a lot to do with what kind of brand you represent. Some brands should only integrate a wee bit of edge. Others could integrate a whole damn lot! There’s a spectrum of edge that we’re talking here. It’s up to you to find the proper equilibrium. There are a multitude of ways to do this. Whatever the case, get creative and have fun with it!

Marketing Message #5: Tell the story

We all know what storytelling means. This need not be complicated for your marketing message. For singular messages, it could be as simple as presenting the problem, the solution and the result. For extended campaigns, you could integrate a more multifaceted storytelling campaign to weave a legend – and to keep people fascinated. It all depends on the context, but telling a story is key.

Marketing Message #6: Blend words, imagery and metaphor

Yes, blending words and imagery is obvious. Always make sure to include these elements in your marketing message. The trifecta here is adding the use of metaphor (click here for a fun YouTube video description). If you can find ways to integrate sociological, historical and/or culture contexts that people already identify with deeply, your messaging will have far deeper impact. This is simply because metaphor can tell an entire story in a single utterance. Ever heard the phrase “a picture tells a thousand words”? So can metaphor.

Marketing Message #7: Be aspirational

We’re all human. Most of us want to leave the world a better place than we found it. Leaving a legacy implies the aspirational. If there is a deep need for people to include the aspirational to give meaning to their own lives, then why not reflect this fundamental value (authentically) in your messaging? People will identify with this in powerful ways and set not only your message apart from others, but an organization’s entire brand.

So, there you have it. You can see from the above that you can indeed create a fair mix of the artistic and the scientific with your messaging for a far more powerful impact. Again, in a sea of boring messaging, this is the only way to go. Now, get out there and create an impact!