Video Marketing is a Powerfully Compelling Component Of Any Digital Marketing Strategy

By Matt Classen

Video marketing is more important that ever. A few weeks ago, we published an article about the biggest marketing trends for 2017. This article was based on a study where we analyzed the scuttlebutt around the web about the biggest trends for the coming year. What became almost immediately obvious was that video, live events and streaming were by far the most relevant trends, bar none. With that in mind, we’d like to talk about the 5 powerful benefits of video marketing.

1. Video marketing is for non-readers

By Allan Ajifo –, CC BY 2.0

The left brain loves black and white, logic, sequence and order. This is exactly what writing is. But what about the right side of the brain that craves color, pattern and beauty? Some people love to read, other people love to consume information via imagery. Since a picture is worth one thousand words, just think what information disseminated via video is worth. Video marketing is perfect for this.

2. Video is highly engaging

Consumers have become highly resistant to traditional print advertising. Open up any newspaper and you’ll be inundated with advertisements that people barely read, or in fact actively tune out altogether. Why? Because it’s simply too much information to read. Sure, it makes an impression – after being thrown in front of you consistently and over time. But why force-feed your market when you can create something that makes them want to come to you? Compelling video marketing is far more engaging (aka “effective”) in getting and sustaining attention with powerful imprints.

3. Video marketing brings new advertising channels

Speaking of print media, while it has its place, video marketing opens brand new advertising channels. If you’ve got the budget, you can create video content that you can use for traditional television media. But a far more effective way to create loyalty within your target demographic is to build loyal YouTube followers. Sure, this takes time, but if you put a budget towards video, and you make sure it’s compelling, you can build followers that actually look forward to your video content. And of course, YouTube videos are sharable via social media which dramatically expands your reach. And if you pay to boost your video content on Facebook, your reach expands still further.

4. Video marketing tells stories

People love compelling stories. They always have and they always will. Video marketing enables you to weave stories that people are far more likely to engage in. In fact, you can even create entire, ongoing narratives with your video marketing activities that further ensures people want to tune in to what you’re telling.

5. Social media is made for video marketing

In an age where Facebook feeds are full of articles with text, and people are checking out their feeds during a spare moment, video gets the point across far more quickly than taking the time to read an article. As people scroll through their feeds, imagery as easily consumable content is key. Video provides this perfectly. And if you’re content is compelling enough, you’re going to get shares. This means expanded reach, which is what every marketer is looking for.

…All that said, keep in mind

Arrow Northwest, places a significant amount of its strategic focus on producing powerful video content. While the above points illustrate the virtues of using video marketing as a key part of your advertising strategy, it is highly important to produce compelling content. If you can integrate the aspirational, inspirational and authentic into your video marketing, you will be far more effective in not just reaching your audience, but actually moving them. In age where people are inundated with one dimensional messaging, multi-dimensional video marketing is now more important than ever. Check out our clip of our up-coming documentary that markets the fantastic work of the Give Me Sight Foundation.