SEO Trends For 2017 And Beyond

By Matt Classen

SEO trends (Search Engine Optimization) has evolved dramatically over the years. Gone are the days when simple link building was the only form of getting found on the net. Search engines have become smarter and smarter, which is the reason why webmasters (especially Google) keep coming up with new tricks to keep evolving with these changes brought about by search engines. It happens every year that certain trends dominate the search engine optimization field and 2017 is going to be no different. So, let us have a look at the top 5 SEO trends for 2017 that we think will dominate the news.

SEO Trends #1: AMPs Will Be The Next Big Thing

SEO trends indicate that Accelerated Mobile PagesAccelerated Mobile Pages, SEO trends for 2017, or AMPs for short, are going to make quite an impact on search ratings. While there are people who feel that AMPs are simply meant to just speed up the loading of pages, the numbers have shown faster loading time via mobile gets more impressions and clicks. This makes AMPs highly important in the field of SEO and represents one of the top 5 SEO trends for 2017.

SEO Trends #2: Quick answer snippets will make waves

5 SEO trends for 2017 also regard quick answer snippets. Did you know that 2016 saw an almost 10% rise in search engine queries with quick answer results as compared to the previous year. Due to the simple fact that quick answers are a great help for users looking to get valuable snippets of information, businesses can of course be expected to use them as a way to get ranked higher.

Penguin 4.0, SEO trends for 2017

SEO Trends #3: Penguin 4.0 is going to be real-time

This year we are going to see an evolution with the Penguin 4.0 program. It is going to work in real time, which means the penalized websites will get their pages off Google’s naughty list without having to wait an indefinite period of time. This will also mean that genuine, original and informative content is going to become more important for webmasters to avoid penalties.

SEO Trends #4: Mobile-First index from Google

The last year has been all about mobile. As such, you could expect that one of the top 5 trends for SEO in 2017 would include mobile solutions. Google is again leading the charge with the Mobile-First Index. In fact, Entrepreneur magazine recently made the bold statement that this new product signals the death of desktop SEO. Although Google still emphasizes that desktop-only pages will still rank, there is no doubt that having mobile friendly websites and with the ensuing content is going to become more important than ever.

SEO Trends #5: RankBrain will bring AI to SEO

Google Rankbrain, SEO trends for 2017Last, but definitely not the least, another major game changer, and the last of our top 5 SEO trends for 2017 is Google’s RankBrain. It is expected to bring the power of Artificial intelligence based on machines to search engines, which is going to help search queries. So, we are going to see the evolution of search engines into something even smarter and better than before.

So, there are the top 5 trends that we expect to make waves in the SEO field for the year 2017. Let’s see how far and long our prediction goes and what does the year have in store for us!