Useful Tips To Stop Simple Social Media Mistakes

By Matt Classen

arrow northwestEveryone makes mistakes. But when it comes to business marketing, these mistakes can sometimes cost a lot more than you’d expect. This is the reason for you need to keep updating your repertoire of marketing tactics. And social media marketing is no different. With that in mind, all know the importance of social media for business these days. This is the reason that we are going to talk about the common social media mistakes that many businesses make with their social media marketing. Let us take a look –

Not creating platform specific posts

social media mistakesOne of the common social media mistakes is not seeing each social media platform as different and/or the audiences on those social media platforms are also going to be different. As a business owner you need to embrace this fact and focus on creating platform specific content. For instance, a post successful on Facebook might not necessarily do that well on Twitter or Instagram for that matter, and vice versa. You need invest a little time to create posts for each platform, if you want to make the most of your marketing gimmicks.

social media mistakesOveruse of hashtags

Another of the common social media mistakes is the overuse of hashtags. Hashtags are a great way to capture the latest trends and use them for your business. But using hashtags like a desperate marketer who is looking to get involved in almost everything makes your business look bad. Rather than overstuffing it, try to keep it to the point and relevant. For instance, if there is something trending on Twitter and you think you can share your two cents on the topic, then don’t be afraid to use hashtags. Remember, hashtags will work only if you use them smartly, otherwise they will make your business look like a desperate seeking attention.

social media mistakesNot having social media sharing buttons on your blog

One of the biggest social media mistakes you might be making would be not having social media sharing buttons on your blog. By having these buttons you are not only increasing the chances of traffic on your social media channel, but also enhance your digital clout. You can get them added for free, so why not make the most of it? 

social media mistakesBlindly spending money on ads

Another of the major social media mistakes that business owners make is spending money blindly on paid ads. We all know that Facebook paid ads are cheap when compared to other paid ad options, but investing blindly on them without knowing what you will reap from them cannot be considered a good idea. You ought to have a strategy in mind to ensure you can make the most of your investment. After all, ROI is the most important factor in business, especially when you are investing on paid advertisements.

Those were just a few of the social media mistakes that business owners generally make when it comes to social media marketing. If you can relate to any of these, then I am sure you would by now have realized how you can bring a change in those strategies.

So, what are you waiting for? Keep these things in mind, and iterate your marketing strategies to see where you end up.