social media optimization SMOThe impacts of social media on our society have been more than significant. We live in a world where most things are connected to it. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that social media has become integrated in our generation’s proverbial DNA. In this post we are going to have a look at that impact. Let us have a look at some figures reflecting the impact it has had on our lives –

A staple of daily media consumption

One of the impacts of social media on society is that it has brought people together, so much that the current generation dedicates a big part of their week to using social media. It is estimated that by 2018, the total number of people using social media will go up to 2.4 billion (in 2010 it was 970,000)!

According to one of the articles published on Search Engine Journal, people from the age group 35-49 spend close to 7 hours a week on social media. And if we talk about the age group 18-34, they are spending close to six and a half hours per week using social media.

As a matter of fact, you’d be amazed to know that there are more than 30 million messages sent on Facebook alone, per minute.

People are connecting to on good causes using social media

Another of the impacts of social media on society is that millions of people have been brought together to rally for common social issues.

According to SAF World Giving Index, one in three people from all over the world have contributed towards an online charity using social media. We can see that people are using social media as a way to help others and do something good for the society.

So apart from being just a source of entertainment, social media has brought people together to work hand in hand for some good causes as well.

Buying and selling

Another of the impacts of social media on society is that it has become the most powerful tool to market businesses – there’s no denying that! And why wouldn’t it be – after all where else can a business target billions of users all at once? With more and more people becoming part of this social media revolution, businesses are making a heyday by using it to find their potential customers. Businesses are spending more on social media marketing; people are using social media to follow brands and their styles and are spending more on purchases using these platforms, more than ever!

Apart from good, there are some bad and ugly things as well

Those were just a few of the good things, the positive impact social media has had on the society can never be counted in numbers. But as they say, if there’s good there’s something bad as well. We wrote about some of the ugly things in last week’s blog post. Here are a few of the other negative impacts of social media on society:

  • The ability to hide your identity. People can easily put on a mask and stay hidden in anonymity to prank others.
  • Rather than living in the moment, people have become more obsessed about showing it to the world that they are living the moment. Weird, eh? This has led to the rise of a generation where the real meaning of having fun has actually become just to take pictures of oneself and share it on social media to see who gets the maximum number of likes and comments.
  • The previous point leads to people judging the quality of their own lives by seeing how others supposedly live their own lives. Your friends are almost always going to put their best face forward. This means you’ll mostly see a constant stream of ‘happy’ on your feed. Many are equating this with a lack in their own lives, and the feeling of lack leads to depression and lower self-esteem.

All in all, social media is here to stay. We need to accustom ourselves to using it in moderation, as well as always remembering that it has its significant downsides as well.