How Is Your Organization Using Social Media To Boost It’s Business?

By Matt Classen

Internet marketing is incomplete without social media. Yes, it’s just been a few years, and social media has had such a huge impact on the field of internet marketing. Being a digital marketer, I have seen the evolution of social

Matt Classen, Founder/CEO of Arrow Northwest, Brand Identity Consultant

media and it has become more of a cliché to say how big an impact has it had on the marketing and people’s buying behavior. Even though the power of social media has not been hidden from anyone, there is still a significant amount of business owners who are complacent about using social media for their business marketing.

In this post we are going to talk about the power of social media and why it should be an important part of your marketing strategy. So, let us take a look:

Create and cultivate brand trust

One way internet marketing is incomplete without social media is that it helps to create and cultivate brand trust. One of the biggest changes that business owners have seen in the recent past is that it is no longer about the sales pitch. Customers have become smarter thanks to the rise in technology, and therefore business marketing has become more about storytelling. You need to tell the customer your story and be able to connect with them. That’s exactly what social media can help you to achieve.

Build a meaningful web presence

Another reason why internet marketing is incomplete without social media is that it builds a more meaningful web presence. Talk about any of the popular brands of today and they all are using social media to boost their online presence. You can easily build a community with the help of social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc., and take your business online presence to the next level.

internet marketing is incomplete without social mediaDrive traffic

Yet another way that internet marketing is incomplete without social media is that it drives traffic. Once you have a community built on social media, you can be sure of one thing – more traffic to your website. By creating an online community on these social media channels you are in a way getting people to talk and think about you. And whenever you have something interesting to tell users, like revamping your product, or a new product launch, you already have a set platform with thousands of users waiting for your news. This is something that will drive more visitors to your website, and your business.

Google demands it

Google has also made it clear that it will consider social media presence as a factor in determining search engine rankings. ‘Nuff said.

Returns on investment

Finally, the best thing about social media as part of internet marketing is that it brings great returns on investment (ROI). Everyone might think that you have to spend thousands of dollars for running advertisements on these social media channels. But the reality is otherwise – investing in social media is not going to burn a hole in your pocket. You can begin with just a few dollars per day, and gradually move towards investing more once the cash starts to flow.

Looking at all the points mentioned above, it is quite evident that social media has become the go-to thing for marketers who are looking to make it big from their business. If you are one such business owner who thinks social media is simply a waste of time, you need to think again!