Promotional videos are often times conventional and under-engaging. Arrow Northwest believes that the best advertising and communication strategies are those that inspire the intended audience, while creating a multifaceted emotional response that sets the client brand apart from competitors.

Project “YOLO, Eugene” is a video production concept designed to illicit a highly emotive responses from audiences, both locally and around the world. The client is Oregon iLASIK & Refractive. This video project represents the continuation of our strategy to inform the public about the amazing results iLASIK can provide its patients, whether through direct testimony or subtly, yet effectively inferred video production.

The first phase of our strategy has been to create engaging and authentic testimonial videos with highly satisfied iLASIK patients.

The second phase is to create video stories that capture the essence of the beauty of every day life in the markets we want to target on behalf of iLASIK. This is the nature from whence Project YOLO, Eugene was conceived. We intend to use no talking voices, only subtle score that fits the various scenes we highlight in the video. The video will be mostly timelapse and cover several iconic locations around the city of Eugene from sunrise, to sunset. The messaging communicated within the video will be that life passes by quickly, that there is so much beauty in the world to see, and that YOLO (You Only Live Once). The video will end with footage of stars and a bright moon shot from Mt. Pisgah on an early Fall evening, and a simple iLASIK logo in the final slide of the video.

The scenes we took from this morning were atop Skinner Butte in Eugene at sunrise. It was a perfect morning for filming and we got the precise, pristine shots we could have hoped for. The video will be ready for release by early next week and we’re looking forward to sharing a work of beauty with the world!

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Stay tuned,

Matt Classen
CEO, Arrow Northwest