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Digital Media

Digital media marketing is more important than ever. When you want to shout from the rooftops how amazing  your organization and its products or services are, how are you using digital media marketing to help your customers feel the love?

Digital media marketing has become one of the most critical components for generating multi-way engagement in the marketing world. In order to play in a competitive field, your business needs to not only develop effective digital media marketing channels, but deliver powerful content that engages and triggers positive interactions with your target audience.

Arrow Northwest will help your organization navigate these challenging and waters by developing the digital media channels that best suit your business’s needs, and then designing and delivering compelling content that gets your target audience to notice you. Let us show you how.

Digital Media Services

  • Digital Audits
  • Channel Development
  • Digital Strategy Development
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Digital Video Production
  • Social Media Communication and Campaign Development
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Adwords Management
  • Analytics
  • Professional Blogging
  • E-newsletter Campaigns

88% of people trust online reviews written by other consumers as much as they trust recommendations from personal contacts.

As of 2015, 90% of young adults use social media, compared with 12% in 2005.

67% of consumers are more likely to evaluate solutions from the brands they follow on social channels.