“Engaging Matt Classen (with Arrow Northwest) two years ago was the best business decision I ever made! He brought integrity and experience into a dysfunctional, divisive culture and literally transformed it.

Clarifying our guiding principles and holding people to task while contributing to a nurturing, inviting workplace was half the task. There remained the change and brilliant ideas that stamped us with a unique branding. No easy task but Matt was up to it and then some. I would highly recommend him! If your workplace is feeling toxic and you feel well intentioned yet disorganized, you know the answer: call Matt at Arrow Northwest.”

—John Haines, MD, The Eye Center

“Matt Classen (with Arrow Northwest) began work for The Eye Center early in 2015 as a consultant to help us improve our overall management of personnel and develop a marketing plan to boost our public image and increase patient satisfaction. Through internal and patient satisfaction surveying he helped us map out a plan to accomplish those goals. Under his direction effective policies were put in place to improve staff morale and teamwork. Communication with referral sources was improved and new sources of referrals established. Both processes and bottom line production were improved as a result of his efforts on behalf of The Eye Center.

I am happy to recommend Matt to prospective clients that want to improve the performance of their business.”

—Kent Karren, MD, The Eye Center

“Arrow Northwest played an integral part in turning around the culture and direction of our healthcare organization. Employee morale greatly improved, and in turn patient satisfaction measures also increased.

Partnering with like-minded organizations allowed us to promote wellness in the community. In addition, promoting our philanthropic endeavors helped fundraising and increases the number of people helped through our philanthropic campaign

All key measures of the practice were greatly improved as a result of the changes instituted by the Arrow Northwest team.”

—Lee Azpiroz, OD, The Eye Center

“I worked very closely with Arrow Northwest for nearly two years. Their performance in guiding The Eye Center along its journey to excellence has been nothing short of amazing. The responsiveness and insight in dealing with issues along the way was proactive and innovative, a pleasure to see in action. I would recommend Arrow Northwest to anyone looking to take their organization to the next level.”

—Donnie Hammers, Administrator, The Eye Center

“My experience with using Arrow Northwest has been nothing short of phenomenal. The infrastructure within my place of employment has been dramatically strengthened. We now seem to have a stronger sense of morale and some core values in place that have brought us to a higher level of achievement. We have accomplished a sense of being empowered and not afraid of speaking our concerns with one another.

We all have set our personal goals in which our management team is involved in helping make sure that those goals are achieved. We have now starting focusing on philanthropy within our community, across the country and overseas. I am grateful to have found Arrow Northwest and recommend this company to anybody who is looking for strengthening their business or practice.”

—Gina Widoff, Oregon iLASIK

“I had the pleasure of traveling with Matt (Arrow Northwest) to Myanmar to help create a documentary film for the Give Me Sight Foundation earlier this year. Matt brought together a great team to follow and film the story of a Eugene, OR doctor and his medical team as they travelled to Thailand and Myanmar to perform free cataract surgeries.

The trip, which lasted three weeks, went off without a hitch. Matt had all of the details well thought out and planned and even travelled ahead of the film crew to do the necessary pre-production to make the film production possible. Matt had a solid vision for the film and was very flexible and easy to collaborate with, which made the project a success.

I look forward to working with Matt (Arrow Northwest) again in the future and would recommend Arrow Northwest to anyone looking for marketing advice.”

—Steve Hebert, Director of Photography, Curious Pixel

“Over the past five years I have had the privilege of observing Matt’s untiring efforts to conceptualize and promote business innovation practices that not only benefit the creative process, but help tap individual potential and increase business ethics as well. He left lasting impressions in serveral reputable organizations of the Oslo/Norwegian business community such as Stat Oil and Ergo Group.”

—Stephan Jackmuth, Managing Director, Qunity

“I had the opportunity to work with Matt Classen in developing, branding and marketing corporate workshop programs. While working with Matt I found that he has a very deep insight and understanding into multiple business subjects. This was greatly useful in establishing strong credibility and rapport with our corporate clientele, which led to great sales results.”

—Rebecca Williams, Corporate Trainer, Lingu AS 

“Matt’s considerable international and cultural background gives him a global perspective and understanding that are critically important in a globalizing world. Matt is passionate visionary who focuses on making a positive difference in society. He feels that this is best achieved through instilling a value system that places ethics, personal empowerment, trust and authenticity at the center of business development…that opens new doors for value creation.”

—Bill Childree, Head of Terminal Launch and Lifecycle, Deutsche Telekom AG

“My experience with Arrow Northwest was nothing but amazing. From the moment you sit down and talk with them you already can see an outcome. Arrow Northwest doesn’t just help improve your professional environment, it also helps improve your personal one, too. Working with Arrow Northwest is definitely the way to go… to turn the worst of the worst to a place you want to go everyday! You won’t be disappointed.”

—Chelsea Sprague