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Structure + Direction + Documentary Project

The Give Me Sight Foundation (GMSF) is a non-profit organization designed to raise funds for equipment and supplies for cataract removal surgeries for medically underserved people in developing nations. GMSF was founded by Dr. John and Joy Haines. Dr. Haines had been leading annual cataract removal missions since 1991. Many of his patients and friends, inspired by his philanthropic work, wanted to donate money to help his cause. Dr Haines and Joy created GMSF in 2012 as a non-profit in order to accept donations legitimately. That same year, Dr. Haines and Joy put together the first annual Night For Sight fundraising event at The Shedd in order to begin bringing awareness to GMSF and its mission. Other than this annual event, and due to busy schedules, both Dr. Haines and Joy had little time to dedicate focus on building GMSF, much less create a functioning sustainable organizational structure, communication plan etc. Matt Classen was thusly engaged to create GMSF’s organizational structure, inspired direction and sustained communication plan.



  • Created a ‘Manifesto’ that set the vision, values and general direction of GMSF
  • Helped put together an engaged Board of Directors
  • Ensured put together an organizational charter
  • Ensure legal compliance as GMSF grew
  • Helped put together clear, achievable deliverables

Communication: Documentary

2016’s mission was Dr. Haines’ 25th anniversary of leading his missions. To honor this legacy, as well as create a highly engaging medium to communicate the powerful stories to be told, Matt Classen led the documentary project in Myanmar, as well as all the PR involved. The following is a clip of that project:

ANW Production #1: Give Me Sight Foundation Film Teaser from Arrow Northwest on Vimeo.


  • From 2014-2016, donations to GMSF increased by over 150%
  • Documentary (to be premiered in Spring, 2017)
  • PR Exposure
    • Two full weeks of special, daily television coverage on KEZI (2016 mission to Thailand/Myanmar)
    • Nine exclusive interview spots, over two weeks, on KZEL radio station (2016 mission to Thailand/Myanmar)
    • Front page article in Register Guard (2015)
    • TV news coverage on three local stations – KEZI, KVAL, KMTR (2015)
  • Grew Board of Directors from two to six actively involved members
  • Recreated website